Time-Lapse Technology

The time-lapse technology available in Sunway Fertility Centre enables digital images and videos of embryos to be captured while it is developing in the incubator. This allows our embryologist to have a better understanding of how well your embryo is developing.

Time-lapse technology is a non-invasive embryo selection technique in which a camera continuously records the embryo development in the incubator. With traditional technology, the embryo would be removed from an incubator to be accessed. However, with time-lapse technology, our fertility team will be able to access the embryo while it remains in the incubator. This gives the embryologists unlimited possibilities to evaluate and select the best embryo(s) for transfer without stressing any of the embryos. Time-lapse technology also gives a more detailed embryo development as compared to traditional technology and this also allows our team to identify the embryos at risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

This technology has been attributed to improved implantation rates and reduced pregnancy loss, which shortens the time to achieve pregnancy.

The different stages of embryo development, as seen through the time lapse monitoring system.

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