Fertility Assessment

Fertility assessment is targeted at couples who have been trying to conceive naturally but are unsuccessful, and couples who would like to know the state of their reproductive capabilities prior to conceiving.

This assessment involves a series of tests that are able to identify existing reproductive issues. Some of these tests include:


A blood test will measure your hormone levels to identify the possibility of hormonal imbalance that could be causing difficulties in conceiving. The range of hormones tested during a blood test conducted for women include prolactin, FSH, LH, AMH, testosterone and androgens. As for the male partner, the test will mainly focus on measuring levels of male reproductive hormones. A blood test may not be necessary for every couple and will only be conducted if deemed necessary by our fertility specialist.


This scan is conducted among women to detect any abnormalities such as fibroids and ovarian cysts. An ultrasound scan is available via abdominal and a pelvic scan or also known as a transvaginal scan. A transvaginal ultrasound scan is usually conducted to provide our fertility specialist a clearer view of the uterine lining.


A semen analysis examines the quantity and quality of sperm. The male patient will be required to provide a semen sample. Some steps to take to prepare for this test includes abstaining from any form of sperm release for about three to five days prior to the test.


Our team at Sunway Fertility Centre have a list of questions that will help us understand your health and medical history better. The questions are tailored to understand your lifestyle, sexual history as well as family medical history.

After you’ve undergone a complete fertility assessment, our fertility specialist will review your test results. Our specialist will consult and guide you accordingly on the possible options to consider to achieve your parenthood dream.

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