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We empathise that travelling for medical treatment, especially to a foreign country, can be overwhelming. Travel logistics, language, accommodations and other arrangements adds-on to the stress of undergoing treatment. At Sunway Fertility Centre, our International Patient Centre can ease your worries with travel assistance and guidance throughout your treatment in Malaysia.

Our International Patient Centre can ease your travel worries when receiving treatment in Malaysia. Our services for international patients include:

  • Medical transfer to Malaysia
  • Travel arrangements to Malaysia (including accommodation, ticket and transport booking)
  • Estimated cost and duration of your stay required
  • Transportation for the patient and family within the hospital vicinity
  • Translators to assist with communication between patient and our team of experts
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Documentation for insurance claims and visa extension

Contact us and our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Once you decide to proceed your treatment with us, we will help you with the necessary arrangements at the Centre of your choice.

Planning Your Trip

What To Do Next
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You and your partner may have completed fertility assessments back in your own country. The reports of these assessments may be emailed to us to improve the efficiency of your journey with us. By providing the assessment and test reports, our fertility specialists will be able to identify a suitable treatment option based on the results shown.

If you have chosen to undergo IVF at our centre, an appointment will be scheduled with our fertility specialist between days 21 to 23 of your menstrual cycle. For your convenience, all procedures including tests and treatments will be scheduled in one day and you may return to your home country the same day or the day after. During this trip, our fertility specialists will also guide you on how to administer your medications at the comfort of your own home.

Between 2 to 6 weeks later, another appointment with us will be scheduled. This appointment will check the size and growth of the follicles. If the treatment is going as planned, the egg will be harvested within three days after the check-up. Once retrieved, the egg will be sent to our in-house laboratory immediately to be fertilised with your partner’s sperm.

After 3 to 5 days, the embryo will be transferred back to the uterus to be implanted. During this stage, we strongly advise for the mother to rest for about 3 to 5 days before returning home.

Two weeks later, a pregnancy test can be conducted to find out of the treatment has been successful.

Making Your appointment

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Making Your Trip to Sunway Fertility Centre

Travelling to a new country to seek medical treatment does require a good amount of planning.


Sunway Medical Centre is strategically located at the heart of Sunway City. The hospital is directly connected to the SunMed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station. The BRT line is conveniently linked to several other train lines such as the LRT and KTM Trains, which are connected to most areas around the Klang Valley.

Getting around

Sunway Medical Centre is surrounded by an array of exciting places to visit. Plus, they’re conveniently located within walking distance or you could hop onto the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) that will take you around Sunway City.

i) Sunway Geo Avenue

Located directly opposite Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Geo Avenue is a commercial centre and is home to food outlets, a grocery store as well as retail outlets. The building is conveniently connected to Sunway Medical Centre via a link bridge.

ii) Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Located just a BRT stop away, Sunway Pyramid is home to over 700 shops for you to indulge and pamper your senses. Spread across 1.7 million square feet, the mall houses a cinema, ice-skating and a bowling alley too.

iii) Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Awarded as ‘Asia’s Best Attraction’, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park brings out the fun in every child and adult. The theme park is home to 90 attractions, with a variety of dry and wet land activities for your family to enjoy.


Sunway Medical Centre Velocity is accessible via two public train lines – Maluri Station via Putra LRT Ampang Line and Cochrane Station via KL MRT. The hospital is a short 4 kilometre drive from the Kuala Lumpur City.


Sunway Velocity Hotel is located within walking distance from Sunway Medical Centre Velocity. The 4-star hotel connects directly to Sunway Velocity mall as well.

i) Sunway Velocity Mall

Sunway Velocity Mall comprises of 7 levels of shopping and food haven. This lifestyle retail hub is home over 400 retail outlets including a cinema, food court and various retail outlets for you and your family to indulge in.

ii) Hawker food

Tantalise your taste buds and experience Malaysia’s hawker food scene. Home to some of Malaysia’s famous hawker cuisine including Nasi Lemak, Curry Mee and Fried Kuey Teow, head to a hawker centre located on Jalan Peel, just about 5 minutes away from Sunway Medical Centre Velocity.


A stop at the Surian MRT Station, MRT Kuala Lumpur line, will bring you right to Sunway Nexis via a link bridge from the station to the building. Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara is located at the North Entrance of Sunway Nexis.


There are several hotels located within a few kilometres of Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara. This includes the Royal Chulan Hotel and One World Hotel, which are located just a MRT stop away and two stops respectively.

i) The retail triangle

Just an MRT stop away from Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara are three retail hubs – The Curve, Ikarno Shopping Centre and Ikea. These retail hubs house an array of food choices and retail outlets. All three buildings are interlinked and hence, making it convenient for you to shop and enjoy.

ii) Hawker centre

Located within walking distance of Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara is a variety of hawker centres and restaurants. From Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, Japanese and other cuisines, simply ask our receptionist on some of the best restaurants available in the area.


Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport

Also known as Subang Airport or Subang Skypark, the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport is a hub for airlines such as Malindo Air, Firefly, Berjaya Air and Raya Airways. The airport is a hub for mostly domestic flights and is located just about 10 minutes away from Sunway Medical Centre, 25 minutes from Sunway Medical Centre Velocity and 18 minutes away from Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara.

For international patients, transportation options include taxis, e-hailing rides and the Skypark Link, a train that directly connects from the KTMB station in KL Sentral or Subang Jaya.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) & KLIA 2

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the main international airport in Malaysia. Located about 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, this airport is also Malaysia’s largest and busiest airport. The majority of international flights to and from Malaysia will arrive and depart from KLIA.

KLIA 2 on the other hand, is an airport designed to cater to the growth of the low-cost travel industry. Welcoming flights from all over the world as well, KLIA 2 is located just about 2 kilometres away from KLIA.

Both airports are easily accessible via taxis, e-hailing rides, busses as well as the KLIA Express, which is a train services that directly links these airports to Kuala Lumpur’s transportation hub – KL Sentral.

About Malaysia

Malaysia, an award-winning medical tourism destination, has gained much popularity in recent years for its world-class quality care and healthcare services.

With a population of almost 32 million people, Malaysia is a perfect blend of modernity, diverse cultures and nature. It’s a guarantee that Malaysia has something for everyone. From our wide selection of local cuisines for food lovers to discovering nature at its best through our tropical forests and pristine beaches, there is no doubt that Malaysia promises an experience of a lifetime.

The country’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, is a reflection of modernity and culture. The melting pot is home to the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world and while the icon of the country stands out above many skyscrapers, it also surrounded by historical buildings that tells the tale of the country’s rich history. Public transportation and shopping hubs also make Malaysia the perfect destination. Hence, making Malaysia the perfect medical tourism destination for people from all backgrounds and cultures.

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