Infertility can possibly occur at any time during your reproductive stage in life. There are many possible causes for infertility such as medical conditions, the side effects of medical treatment, age and lifestyle.

Fertility preservation is one of the options to consider if you are planning to have a child in the future. With fertility preservation, your reproductive cells, namely eggs and sperm, are preserved and protected via a medical process that freezes the cells.

Fertility preservation is an option that can be considered by both men and women, especially if:

  1. You are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals at your workplace that might affect your fertility health.
  2. You have plans to delay having children but would want to start a family in the future.
  3. You have been diagnosed with endometriosis.
  4. You are about to be treated for cancer or for an autoimmune disease.

If you have questions on fertility preservation, our fertility specialists are always ready to share further information with you.

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