Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

During an IVF journey, one of the most crucial milestones is a successful transfer of the embryo to the womb and the success of the transfer depends very much on the endometrial receptivity. The Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) is a genetic test that will help to determine the most ideal day to conduct an embryo transfer during your IVF cycle.

The ERA procedure involves an endometrial biopsy whereby a sample is taken and sent to the laboratory to be analysed. After analysis, we will be able to determine the optimal time for an embryo transfer whereby you will receive three possible results:

  1. Pre-receptive – This indicates that your endometrium is not ready for an embryo transfer.
  2. Receptive – This indicates that when the biopsy sample was taken, it’s the ideal timing for an embryo transfer.
  3. Post-receptive – This would mean that your endometrium has passed the optimum time frame for a successful transfer
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