Our IVF Laboratory

Our laboratory is the core of Sunway Fertility Centre, where the heartbeat is. Within the walls of our laboratory is where science and modern technology meet to make parenthood dreams come true.

The delicate stage of every fertility procedure happens in our laboratory. It is here where our team of experts carefully handle eggs, sperms and embryos.

From combining an egg and sperm on a laboratory dish during an IVF process to freezing cells and storing frozen embryos and blastocysts for a couple’s future plans, every movement and step taken in our laboratory focuses on ensuring that couples receive only the best.

Currently consisting of 5 experienced and well-trained staff nurses, 4 senior embryologists, a junior embryologist and an andrologist, our knowledgeable team, paired with a well-equipped laboratory significantly increases your chances of pregnancy during your IVF journey.


The CASA system is used to analyse sperm. This system is one of the easiest and quickest diagnostic tests available. It also gives accurate, repetitive and automated assessment without the worry of variations unlike a basic sperm analysis which can provide various variations and this could lead to a wide range of conclusions.


Poor sperm quality reduces the chances of a successful implantation and pregnancy. With modern technology such as IMSI, this method is used to aid sperm selection and identify the best spermatozoa with the use of a high power light-microscope. This enables our embryologist to identify any problems and even the slightest structural alternations of sperm. Hence, making it possible to select the best sperm to be fertilised.


LAH is a scientific technique that helps the embryo break through its outer layer. This process is crucial for the embryo to attach and implant onto the wall of the uterus as the easier it is to break through, the higher the chances are for it to attach to the uterus. In some circumstances, the embryo might have a thick and/or hardened area to break through and this could the overall success rate. Hence, LAH helps to reduce this risk.


This system allows our laboratory team to monitor all embryos without removing any from the incubator, unlike the conventional method of monitoring embryos which requires an embryologist to remove the embryo from the incubator and examine it under a microscope. With the time lapse system, each time point is recorded and monitored within the incubator. This makes it possible for our team to catch the important development of the embryo and identify the right stage for a potentially successful implantation, without the need to disturb the state of the embryo.

At Sunway Fertility Centre, our laboratory prioritises quality medical standards and service quality. Some of the additional steps we’ve taken to ensure that we provide the best to every hopeful couple include:

Usage of IVF grade materials in our laboratory to create a safe environment for every IVF procedure performed at our centre
Fast freezing method which freezes all stages of cells to ensure high survival rate upon thawing
Time lapse culture system to ensure undisturbed culture condition
Double witnessing system for every step of the IVF procedure
Usage of EmbryoGlue to promote implantation and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy
Usage of Sense oocyte retrieval needle to optimise yield and improve patient’s comfort
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